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Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.

Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.


Engage in cohort
learning environments that broaden your educational network.


Join more than 130 CPPP graduates serving in leadership positions in the KC Metro.

Develop and lead.

Develop your professional skills
as you learn to inspire
and lead others.

CPPP Graduate Testimonials

The benefits of the CPPP at UCM are clearly reflected in the professional success of a CPPP graduate.

Anna McGraw

"After going through the administrative courses with such strong instructional leaders, I found my true desire to be a school administrator. As a principal in the Lee's Summit School District, I use the strategies and knowledge I learned from UCM's CPPP cohort on a daily basis."

Anna McGraw, CPPP class of 2008
Principal, Underwood Elementary School - Lee's Summit School District

"The CPPP takes the coursework and transforms it into real-world applications that fuel the desire to become an effective leader.”

Robbie Shepherd, CPPP class of 2008
Principal, Osage Trail Middle School - Fort Osage School District

"CPPP is not your typical sit and get program. While I certainly received the theoretical concepts of being an administrator, the numerous opportunities to observe and put those skills into practice were invaluable. I highly recommend this program to anyone aiming to be a leader within education."

Anthony King, CPPP class of 2012

Former Principal, Mill Creek Elementary

Independence School District
Current Doctoral Student, Harvard University

"The CPPP incorporated applicable coursework and presentations by current practitioners to prepare the students for leadership roles in any school district."

Paul Canaan, CPPP class of 2004
Principal, Pleasant Hill High School - Pleasant Hill School District