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Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.

Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.


Engage in cohort
learning environments that broaden your educational network.


Join more than 130 CPPP graduates serving in leadership positions in the KC Metro.

Develop and lead.

Develop your professional skills
as you learn to inspire
and lead others.

CPPP Testimonials continued


Stacy James

"Through the cohort program, I developed lasting professional relationships with members of the education community from various districts. The CPPP gave me the skills and the confidence I need to lead and inspire others in education."

Stacy James, CPPP class of 2012
Principal, Woodland Elementary School
Lee's Summit School District

Alisa Seidelman "The CPPP provided me with the encouragement and knowledge base necessary to pursue administration. The professors genuinely care about the success of their students and serve as a valuable resource long after program completion. The CPPP is a must for those wanting to expand their leadership potential."

Alisa Seidelman, CPPP class of 2009
Principal, Kentucky Trail Elementary
Belton School District
Justin Woods

"The CPPP opened my eyes to the world of instructional leadership. The coursework incorporates relevant information that I use every day as an administrator. In addition, the cohort allows students to build a network of resources and supports that I have relied on as an assistant principal."

Justin Woods, CPPP class of 2008
Associate Principal, Van Horn High School
Independence School District

Cassie Gengelbach

“This cohort program provided a foundation that has allowed me to lead in many capacities and has remained relevant through the numerous changes educators face.  If you are looking for a rigorous program that prepares you not only for today, but for the future look no further.”

Cassie Gengelbach, CPPP Class of 2012
Principal, Sunny Pointe Elementary School
Blue Springs School District


Joe Armin
"The CPPP distinguishes itself from other programs through its cohort-centered approach to crafting and cultivating leadership. You walk away with a true understanding of leadership, as well as with the tools and knowledge to continue your own development."

Joe Armin, CPPP class of 2015
Principal, Little Blue Elementary School
Independence School District