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Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.

Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.


Engage in cohort
learning environments that broaden your educational network.


Join more than 130 CPPP graduates serving in leadership positions in the KC Metro.

Develop and lead.

Develop your professional skills
as you learn to inspire
and lead others.

Program Details

Earn a Master's Degree or Specialist Degree in Educational Administration

Master of Science in Education:

  • Two courses are offered each semester for six semesters.
  • Classes begin each fall semester.
  • Completed degree requires 34 credit hours.

Specialist Degree, School Administration:

  • Must have a master's degree in a field other than educational administration.
  • Two courses are offered each semester for seven semesters (except for the first summer semester when only one course is taken).
  • Classes begin each summer semester.
  • Completed degree totals 34 - 37 credit hours.

The CPPP boasts top-notch students through program admittance via exclusive district recommendation. Applications must be submitted to UCM by the participating district's representative. For more information on the application process click here.

Centralized Location, Student Convenience
All program courses are held at the UCM Summit Center in Lee's Summit, MO.
Courses during the fall and spring semesters are held on Wednesday nights.

  • First class: 5 - 7:25 p.m.
  • Second class: 7:30 - 10 p.m.

The summer schedule is established with the input from CPPP students.

Continued Program Development
A program advisory committee of one central office administrator from each of the 14 participating school districts review program data and make recommendations for program changes. The objective is to provide an up-to-date, relevant program of studies that will ensure CPPP graduates are prepared to take leadership roles in their districts.

For more information, contact Dr. Henry Russell.