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Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs

Intramural Sports

The goal of Intramural Sports is to provide a broad and diversified program of sports and activities which will meet the needs and interests of the entire campus community.

These activities are organized and administered in a manner which is intended to: provide a recreational break from academic pursuits, be at a minimum of expense, improve physical health, and help develop skills and interest which will contribute to healthy life styles.

The greatest challenge/opportunity lies in fostering personal growth through the competition, self-testing, and team work which is found in participating in Intramural Sports.


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How to Register for Intramurals

All UCM students, faculty, and staff are eligible to play intramurals. Register on using your UCMO email address.


Interested in Officiating?

Intramural Sports offers jobs for officiating flag football, basketball, soccer, softball, and more. If you have experience in these sports and are interested in officiating intramurals, contact Kevin Sneed, Assistant Director of Intramural Sports, at

Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs bridge the gap between intramural and intercollegiate athletics by providing competition at specialized levels, participation in tournaments, and opportunities to practice. Some clubs remain recreational, but most are highly competitive.

Sport Clubs are managed and run by the students including coach selection, travel, fundraising, scheduling, practices, and participant development.

For more information about the Sport Clubs currently active on campus, please follow the link below:

Sport Clubs

Rugby Club




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