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Unity Week

One Voice, One Goal and One Campus

Celebrate the diversity of our UCM campus community through a week of events. Each event is designed to education and celebrate the many unique aspects of our lives.

Unity Week 2021 will be held from February 22-25.

Schedule of Events

Monday, February 22
SRWC Lower Courts
Tuesday, February 23
Drag Bingo by Mo's Activities Council
Union Ballrooms
Wednesday, February 24
Unity Poles
Union Atrium
Wednesday, February 24
Living Library
Union 236
Wednesday, February 24
Movie Night - Intersexion
Thursday, February 25
Films for Peace (Face KC)
Union Auditorium

Detailed Schedule

International Music Festival

Monday, February 22

Music has no cultural barrier and is a universal language. To celebrate our appreciation of diversity in music, we will be playing songs from various parts of the world in the form of a silent disco. Song suggestions are welcome and can be done via this link


Drag Bingo, Sponsored by Mo's Activities Council (MAC)

Tuesday, February 23


Join MAC for an evening of bingo and drag performances, featuring the performers of Nclusion + from Columbia, Missouri.


Unity Poles, Sponsored by Mo's Activities Council (MAC)

Wednesday, February 24


Unity Poles is a community art piece that explores identity and the ways in which we are all connected. Stop by to take part in this annual Unity Week tradition.


Living Library, Sponsored by American Democracy Project 

Wednesday, February 24


The Living Library initiative seeks out individuals from our community and brings them together to share their experiences in an intimate conversation aimed at breaking down barriers and stereotypes to promote a more cohesive community.


Movie Night, Sponsored by Women & Gender Studies

Wednesday, February 24


At this digital event, we will be watching Intersexion, a documentary that features dozens of intersex people, and seeks to demystify the shame and secrecy often surrounding intersex lives. Interviewing intersex people around the world, the film explores how they "navigate their way through childhood, adolescence, relationships and adulthood, when they don’t fit the binary model of a solely male and female world." After viewing the 50 minute film, we will open up for a discussion. Join here.


Films for Peace, Sponsored by American Democracy Projects

Thursday, February 25


Featuring FaceKC, which stands for Filmmakers Artists & Creatives for Empowerment Kansas City, this presentation will discuss community filmmaking and its application to community service and civic engagement. 



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