Michael Brunkhorst
THRIVE Director (Interim)
Lovinger 1270
Tel: 660-543-4260
Fax: 660-543-4167


THRIVE Admissions Criteria

Applying to the THRIVE Program

Students wishing to apply to be a student in the THRIVE program need to submit their applications by the January 1st of the upcoming fall semester. This two-year program starts in the fall semester and continues until graduation in May of the following school year.

To be admitted into the THRIVE Program, candidates must be:

  • 18-25 years old at time of application
  • Have a diagnosed with a developmental or intellectual disability prior to the age of 18.
  • Possesses sufficient emotional maturity and stability to participate in all aspects of a supported residential college-based program.
  • Have been eligible for a free, appropriate public education and have the ability to participate in an independent living environment.
  • Demonstrates the ability to accept and follow reasonable rules and behave respectfully towards others.
  • The motivation for continuing and ability to participate in an independent living environment.

Once an application is submitted, the THRIVE staff reviews the applications to determine their initial eligibility into the program. Then the THRIVE staff will invite those that are eligible to interview with the staff. These interviews include the family and the student wishing to be in the program. After interviews are completed, award letters are sent to prospective THRIVE students for acceptance for the next fall class.

January 1st is the priority date for accepting applications for the coming academic year.

THRIVE Admissions Process

Please submit the following items by mail in ONE packet:

  • THRIVE Applicant Information Document with Checklist (download link below)
  • THRIVE Applicant Questionaire (completed by student) (download link below)
  • THRIVE Parent Questionaire (completed by parent/guardian) (download link below)
  • Four (4) letters of reference using the THRIVE Recommendation Form (download link below)
  • Competency Questions (download link below)
  • Provide complete and current documentation of disability (this includes latest or current IEP and last Evalaution with Cognitive and Academic testing)

You will also need to participate in an interview with THRIVE staff.


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