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THRIVE Tuition, Financial Aid, Scholarship, and Funding

Answers to Your THRIVE Financial Questions

You will find the costs of tuition listed below. They include the costs of the application fee, instructional fees, housing, and the THRIVE program fee. These costs are adjusted each year.

How Much Does It Cost?

The THRIVE Fact Sheet has information about the costs associated with the THRIVE program.

Costs are based on UCM standard rates and are subject to change. Families are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for need-based financial assistance: PELL Grants and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants. The Sallie Mae institution has opened up a type of loan for parents of the THRIVE program.

We also have a Student Success Fund that is used to assist families financially. Donations are accepted to our THRIVE Student Success Fund which is used to help families financially for this program. Click the designation box to pick the THRIVE Student Success Fund. The other option will donate to our programming.

Grant and Scholarship Opportunities

FAFSA paperwork must be submitted each year to be eligible for consideration for all THRIVE Scholarships

Please go to to complete the application. The UCM federal school code is 002454. Completing the FAFSA online is easy, secure, and fast. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 660-543-4204 or the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID FREE.


Pell Grants

Pell Grants are awarded to students that meet certain income guidelines. UCM receives the data and uses this information to assess Pell Grant eligibility. The grant is paid to the student account in two installments (fall and spring semesters) and can help cover expenses incurred at UCM. Please note that a FAFSA application must be filed each year to assess eligibility.


UCM-THRIVE Student Success Fund

Individual and corporate donations have been earmarked as scholarship funds for UCM THRIVE students. Limited need-based scholarships are available for qualifying THRIVE students. Please note that THRIVE Success Fund Scholarship requires an earlier deadline than FAFSA. Please refer to the instructions on the FAFSA website when completing the FAFSA. 


Marvin E. “Bunky” Wright Educational Scholarship

The Marvin E. "Bunky" Wright Educational Scholarship is available through the UCM Alumni Foundation for students participating in the UCM THRIVE program. THRIVE (Transformation, Health, Responsibility, Independence, Vocation, Education). Through the THRIVE Program, the University of Central Missouri prepares students with disabilities to  transition to independent living and find employment that fits their individual goals and abilities. During the two-year program, students are required to live on the UCM campus. They work on improving their academic abilities and peer interactions while learning computer and job skills. They also participate in career-focused internships. THRIVE graduates earn a Certificate of Success along with a personal portfolio. Some students may go on to earn a degree at UCM with the proper student support services in place for their success. The Marvin E. "Bunky" Wright scholarship is made possible through a generous gift from MOHELA honoring the many years of service Bunky Wright has given to higher education in the state of Missouri.


Needs-Based Financial Resources

To apply for a needs-based THRIVE Student Success Fund Scholarship, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will need to be completed and submitted to The University of Central Missouri prior to March 1 to be considered for the following academic year.


Scholarship Awards Decisions

Scholarship award decisions are made in late spring by the Scholarship Committee. Families will receive a decision letter by mail. This scholarship award is contingent on the student's successful completion of each semester. If a student is awarded a scholarship from these funds, it will be listed on the student's bill after the THRIVE fee has been paid. In the event that a THRIVE Student Success Fund scholarship recipient is unable to complete a semester, he or she will need to repay the scholarship amount.

Non-UCM Funding Resources

Other Programs

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides social security disability benefits for adults age 19 or older who have limited income and resources and can be considered a primary recipient. In almost all states, SSI eligibility automatically qualifies an individual for Medicaid coverage.
  • Medicaid Waiver Programs can provide services to people with developmental disabilities. Many individuals who qualify for Medicaid based on disability also receive cash assistance under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.
  • Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Division of Developmental Disabilities (DD) has specific eligibility criteria. Contact the regional office serving your area, benefits could include an Autism Spectrum Waiver, Developmental Disabilities Waiver, Support Services Waiver and Partnership for Hope Waiver.
  • Missouri’s 529 College Savings Plan (MOST) is Missouri’s tax-free college savings plan and tax free investment account you can use for higher education savings.
  • Kansas 529 College Savings Plan (Learning Quest) is tax-deferred, tax-free if used for qualified educational expenses. This can be set up by any family member who lives in Kansas, even if the student does not.
  • Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Boards has disability information and resources.
  • If you already have a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, you may be eligible for services through Missouri Voc Rehab or Kansas Voc Rehab they can assist with costs.
  • Additional Scholarships from organizations for designated disabilities outside UCM. It is suggested that you start the application for outside scholarships during the spring before you attend THRIVE at UCM. Check for financial aid opportunities for students with disabilities. 


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