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Cybersecurity Program

W.C. Morris Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
P:660-543-4930 F:660-543-8013
Dr. Xiaodong Yue, Department Chair

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity


Student Learning Outcomes --- A student with a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:


  1. Design, implement and analyze an organization’s information security policies.
  2. Design, implement, and deploy cybersecurity solutions for protecting an organization’s information resources.
  3. Identify the appropriate cryptographic algorithms and protocols to be deployed in the context of an organization’s security policy.
  4. Design and implement secure software.
  5. Adapt to a dynamic multidisciplinary technological environment through teamwork, ethical concerns, and effective communication

This program is designed to prepare graduates with most essential advanced skills in Cybersecurity. The graduates from the program can apply these skills to protect resources in the cyber domain.

Admission Requirements --- Admission is granted on the basis of applicant’s academic aptitude and potential which will be evaluated through academic record and/or work experience. To be admitted to the program,



Applicants who do not meet one of the above minimum admission requirements may be admitted on a provisional basis.


Program of Study




Course Title Credit
CS 4820 Intro. to Information Assurance 3
CS 4840 Ethical Hacking 3
CS 5140 Intro. to Malware 3
CS 5310 Design of Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols 3
CS 5920 Software Security Assessment 3