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Educational Leadership and Human Development

Lovinger Building, Room 4101
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4341
Office Manager: Barb Hicks

About ELHD

Departmental Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development is to serve the citizens of the State of Missouri by preparing for teaching and other professional roles graduates who are reflective thinkers, committed to ensure the learning, development, and success of those they serve.

"Preparing competent, caring and highly qualified graduates"


Back (l to r): B. Hicks, S. Jenkins, B. Martin, M. Jinks, C. Mohn, R. Dewar, 
G. Sesser, D. Thomas, J. Bowman, O. Jurkowski,  R. Bowman
Front (l to r): N. Forth, S. Hutchinson, J. Cowles, P. Antrim, J. Downing,
J. Neal, L. Koehler, J. Robins, L. Bigby, T. Earles-Vollrath

Departmental Faculty

The faculty and staff of the department are student-focused and strive to sustain a positive climate and professional learning environment in which students feel both challenged and supported. The faculty members in the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development have expertise developed through many years of practical experience in P-12 and post-secondary school settings.  For more information, read the profiles of our faculty and staff members.