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Educational Leadership and Human Development

Lovinger Building, Room 4101
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4341
Office Manager: Barb Hicks



When courses are offered

The following syllabi are posted here for information only. For the most current and official copies for your classes contact the faculty member.

Library Science Courses

Course CH
LIS 1600 University Library and
Research Skills
LIS 4300 Internet via the Internet 3
LIS 4320 Creating Web-Based Internet Resources 3
LIS 5100 Foundations of Librarianship 2
LIS 5240 Library Media Administration 3
LIS 5250 Developing & Managing Collections 3
LIS 5260 Library Systems & Information Technology 3

LIS 5270 Organizing Information

LIS 5322 Reference Sources & Services 3
LIS 5340 Children's, Adolescent, & Young Adult Literature 3
LIS 5750 Using Online Resources 3
LIS 5770 Curriculum and the Media Center 3
LIS 6730 Seminar 2

Clinical Experiences

LIS 5820 Practicum I (Prerequisite: Advisor Consent)
Practicum Application

LIS 6830 Internship in School Libraries (Prerequisite: LIS 5820 and advisor consent) 3-8

Research Courses

LIS 5910 Action Research in School Libraries 2
LIS 6960 Research Paper (Prerequisites: LIS 5910 or equivalent with advisor consent) 2
GRAD 5001--For students finishing work on their research paper or thesis who have not been enrolled for a year. Enroll in this zero-credit course to gain access to Library services and resources and restore their UCM email account. Contact your advisor to be enrolled. 0
LIS 6990 Thesis (Prerequisites: LIS 5910 or equivalent with advisor consent) 3-6


Professional Development Plan (This is the final assessment in the graduate program. It is not part of the practicum. Usually students complete it the semester they complete their thesis or research paper.) 0