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Strategies for Coping with Tobacco Cravings While On Campus

• Change your routine (walk a different route to class, take a walk or read during work break, etc.)
• Identify triggers that make you want to use tobacco. Make a plan for how to avoid or deal with those triggers.
• Do some deep breathing
• Do some exercise (run in place, stretch, do wall pushups, take a walk, go to the SWRC, etc.)
• Chew sugarless gum/candy
• Chew on flavored toothpicks
• Hold a straw or pen in your hand (you can take an imaginary drag with the straw)
• Read a book or do puzzles, crosswords/word searches, Sudoku, etc.
• Call a friend/family member
• Eat a healthy snack
• Read smoking/tobacco cessation materials
• Brush your teeth
• Avoid/reduce caffeine intake
• Download/utilize deep breathing or visualization apps for smartphone
• Clean

If you decide you want to work towards starting a tobacco-free lifestyle, consider contacting the Office of Violence and Substance Abuse prevention. They offer free tobacco cessation support.