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Graduate Assistantship

Assistantship Opportunities

UCM offers ample opportunities for engaged experience through graduate assistant positions. A graduate assistantship is aimed to provide support to a graduate student, both resident and non-resident, throughout their time of graduate study at the University. Graduate assistants are compensated for their services with a stipend and scholarships.

Types of Assistantships 

There are multiple types of assistantships available at UCM including teaching, research, athletic, lab, student affairs, and administrative roles. As a Graduate Assistant, you are making a significant commitment to the University of Central Missouri by agreeing to achieve exceptional academic performance in your degree program and carry extensive professional responsibilities.


Teach lower-level undergraduate classes, laboratory sections, discussion sessions, or assist an instructor with teaching classes with large enrollments


Assist faculty members in research and other scholarly activities


Work in administrative offices such as Graduate Studies, Academic Advising, or various other offices/areas on campus

Student Affairs


Serve as instructor or assist faculty in teaching laboratory sections 


Support and coach UCM student-athletes in preparation for competition

Besides getting great work experience, being a graduate assistant provides students with the opportunity to receive scholarships and stipends for their commitment.

  • The compensation for full-time graduate assistants who teach two 3-hour courses per semester or whose assignment involves 20 hours per week is $4,500 per semester or $9,000 for two semesters.
  • The assistantship also includes a scholarship. For a 20 hour per week assistantship, the scholarship covers up to $4,860.00 (+$4,106.75 for non-residents) of graduate coursework per semester.
  • View the list of stipends and scholarships for full or partial graduate assistantships.
  • Please be advised that federal financial aid regulations require that the total dollar value of your tuition scholarship be included in your 'package' of federal financial aid (Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan, etc.). If this action results in you being over-awarded, a reduction in your loan proceeds may be necessary.

To be eligible for a Graduate Assistantship, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree completed by the beginning of the assistantship
  • Acceptance into the applied Graduate Program
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or a 3.0 if Graduate work has been completed

Once a position is appointed, a minimum of 6 graduate credits must be taken for fall/spring semesters and 3 graduate credits during summer, while maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher, at UCM.

  • A Master's student may be awarded an assistantship a maximum of four semesters, but an Education Specialist student who had an assistantship while working on a previous master's degree, may have three additional semesters.
  • Additional information provided in the Graduate Assistant Employment Handbook.

To apply for an assistantship: Submit Online Application


Graduate Studies
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