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Graduate Student Association

Your Ticket to Leadership Experience

Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the official graduate student government at UCM. 

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GSA's Mission

The Graduate Student Association was formed in 1990 to give graduate students a forum of their peers for discussion of issues concerning graduate students. Sponsored by Graduate Studies, this student organization serves as a voice for all graduate students and aims to improve and enhance the graduate experience at UCM. GSA works towards the initiation of programs, workshops, and meetings relevant to the graduate experience in order to provide academic and professional development opportunities for all UCM graduate students. In addition, members of the GSA will be elected to service as graduate senators on the Student Government Association.  GSA membership, activities, and leadership positions provide a great addition to your resume.  

Students are encouraged to apply for GSA at any point in their degree.  There is no cost or fees associated with joining GSA.  

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A Voice for All Graduate Students

GSA provides a forum for discussion of issues concerning graduate students, and cares deeply about improving the graduate student experience.  This form is intended to facilitate communication and provide an opportunity for graduate students to share thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and provide information.  Additionally, this form may be used to report general or specific concerns related to the graduate experience at UCM (e.g. graduate assistantships, university policies, graduate student life, etc.). This form should not be used to report information relating to emergencies or to Title IX.   
Submissions are anonymous, unless personal information is provided.  


In addition to the feedback form above, GSA can be contacted via email at  




Graduate Studies
Ward Edwards 1900
Tel: (660) 543-4729


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