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Freshman Application

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We’re excited you’re ready to Choose UCM! Applying to UCM is easy and we can’t wait to welcome you to our UCM family. Follow the steps in the online application and let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at or call at 660-543-4290.

Red & Black Scholarships

You are automatically considered for these scholarships upon application.

Our Red & Black Scholarship program doesn’t require a separate application and they are guaranteed: if you qualify you will receive it! Check out the scholarship chart to see what amount you qualify for. We will accept 6th, 7th, or final transcripts and new ACT scores through June, so keep working to improve. Your amount will never go down, it can only increase!


Superscore is here to save the day!

UCM is proud to be a Superscore university!

Your Superscore is a new composite ACT or SAT based on your highest sub scores across multiple tests. So, take the ACT or SAT multiple times and UCM will calculate a new Superscore that will take into account the highest sub scores you received over all your attempts. This score is used for both admissions and Red & Black Scholarship purposes. You should be rewarded for all your efforts, Superscore helps take the stress out of test day!


Office of Admissions
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Tel: 660-543-4290


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