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Institute for Rural Emergency Management

Humphreys Building 201D
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4971

Undergraduate Certificates in Crisis and Disaster Management (CDM)

Undergraduate certificates provide students an opportunity to pursue knowledge in a focused area of study. UCM provides three undergraduate certificates in the field of crisis and disaster management:

Why should you choose a certificate?

Certificates in crisis and disaster management are taught online. You can fit your coursework around your busy work and family commitments. It only takes four classes to successfully complete an undergraduate certificate in one of the CDM areas of study.

Students considering pursuing an undergraduate degree in Crisis and Disaster Management can transfer their courses into the degree program with no loss of credits. You can quickly build your credentials while maintaining your current employment.

Current students pursuing a major can add a complementary field of study without adding total hours to their degree. A certificate requires less hours than a major, while filling available electives and helping meet the upper division requirement. The CDM certificates complement many majors, including business, science, political science, criminal justice, and occupational safety.

Certificates can also assist you in preparing for professional certifications in several fields. If you already hold a professional certification, our certificates can be used to cost-effectively maintain your certification by providing the continuing professional development expected of practicing certified professionals.

Working professionals should also consider completing a certificate. CDM certificates provide up-to-date solutions addressing many of the challenges facing organizations today. You can add skills, extending your value to your current employer, or branch out into new exciting career opportunities. CDM certificates are ideal for continuing professional development, because faculty utilize theoretical concepts and practical applications to develop your toolbox of current workplace solutions.

Explore each of our certificates to see how we can help you meet your career goals. For more information, contact our office: 660-543-4971 or 800-801-3588 or via email at