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Conduct, publish, and present research in your disciplines.


Earn paid
summer research internships.


Receive personalized mentorship from faculty members.


Prepare for your future doctoral study.

McNair Scholars Program

Purpose: The McNair Scholars Program provides informational seminars, graduate school visits, faculty mentoring, and funded research internships to eligible undergraduate students to prepare them for doctoral study.

Eligibility: You are eligible if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. You must also fall into one of the following categories:

- you are a low-income student AND you are a first-generation college student (your parents did not graduate from college with a bachelor's degree or higher);


- you are a student underrepresented in graduate study by race or ethnicity.

McNair Students:

  • attend seminars to learn how to prepare for graduate admissions exams, gain financial aid, examine research procedures, enhance writing techniques, and prepare for successful graduate school admission.
  • select a three-person faculty mentoring team to prepare for graduate study, to achieve information literacy for research, and to form a cooperative research partnership.
  • visit potential graduate schools and meet with faculty at those schools.
  • compete for a funded summer research internship followed by presentation and publication of the results.
  • form a strong network to provide encouragement and support through graduate study.

For additional information about the McNair Scholars Program contact:

Dr. Kari Azevedo
Academic Coordinator
McNair Scholars Program
Humphreys 127C
Phone: 660-543-4135

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