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President Obama with Innovation Campus students
President Obama visits UCM
The Missouri Innovation Campus, Corporate and Educational Partners
The Missouri Innovation Campus, Corporate and Educational Partners

Corporate Partner Benefits

The MIC offers business partners the opportunity to:

  • Reduce your training costs. You will have the opportunity to work in partnership with The MIC to determine competencies taught in the program. This partnership will ensure skills being taught in the classroom align with skills demanded by industry thus reducing your training time.
  • Shape curriculum. Business partners work with secondary and post-secondary faculty to determine the competencies needed by interns in order for them to be successful employees.
  • Access pre-screened applicants in high-demand skill areas. The MIC develops programs for jobs with identified skills gaps between employer needs and applicant availability. Student interns have one year in the program prior to starting their internship to prove they have the knowledge and skills to add value to your company.
  • Develop a relationship with students early. You can assist students in becoming valued associates at your company and have highly trained employees two years earlier.
  • Supplement your workforce to reduce your need for additional full-time associates.