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Department of Middle, Secondary,
and Adult Education

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Engineering and Technology Teacher Education


For more information about this program, please contact

Mr. Michael Elliott


Grinstead 236


Bachelor of Science in Education


Four Year Plan


The Engineering & Technology Teacher Education (ETTE) program at the University of Central Missouri prepares students to teach Engineering and Technology classes (grades 9-12, or middle school) across Missouri. Engineering and Technology Teacher Education is a hot field, with 100% placement. DESE has stated that Missouri schools show growth in STEM Education and we need more teachers.


The program incorporates students’ interests into their areas of study as students can take classes in Drafting, Engineering, Graphics, Materials and Processing, and Power and Energy. UCM is also one of only a handful of universities certified to teach Project Lead The Way and Engineering by Design™ courses.


Academic Program


The graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Engineering and Technology Teacher Education will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:


Employment Opportunities


Currently students who graduate can use their degree to teach any of the courses in the field of Engineering and Technology such as: welding, metals, woods, materials and processing, photography, graphics, automotive, small engines, PLTW courses, and EbD courses. For the past 5+ years the Engineering and Technology Teacher Education program has had 100% teacher placement.


Related Career Titles By Area of Study

  • High School or Vocational College Level
  • Instructor Public or Private School Teacher
  • Trade, Industrial, or Health Science Instructors


Student Involvement


The ETTE program promotes involvement in both professional and student based organizations. Students are involved in organizations both at the state and national levels, and can travel regularly to professional development conferences.


Engineering & Technology Teacher Education at UCM provides students with a variety of experiences in both traditional and modern classrooms and shops. Students will receive instruction in multiple disciplines to better prepare them for teaching in the field. Students will also work with high schools in various contests and competitions that UCM hosts regularly.


Students are encouraged and supported in participating in activities, contests, and other events that enhance their learning and help them to better become a professional educator.


Technology Education Collegiate Association (TECA)


The Technology Education Collegiate Association (TECA) is a national student association sponsored by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). The goal of TECA at UCM is to promote student leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and a philosophical foundation for future technology teachers and technologists. This is accomplished through the chapter coordinated activities at the campus, state, regional, and national levels.


Who can join?

UCM TECA membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in technology education and technology-related programs. Members of the UCM TECA organization are also encouraged to join national TECA which automatically provides ITEEA college student membership.


TECA Laser Engraving Services

UCM's TECA students offer laser engraving services on a variety of substrates to the University of Central Missouri, the Warrensburg, Missouri, area, and to any Missouri resident or organization. Purchases made through TECA help sponsor the students' participation in regional and national competitions, tours, and social gatherings which aid in their growth personally and professionally.



UCM TECA is a UCM Affiliate which provides official University of Central Missouri merchandise.


For questions regarding TECA or if you are interested in TECA's services, please email Your support is sincerely appreciated.




In addition to more than $4 million in merit-based scholarships and awards presented annually to UCM students by the university, the College of Education offers a number of awards specifically for education majors. There are multiple scholarships for which ETTE students are eligible.