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10 Things To Do Over College Winter Break

By Ellen Blaize, December 22, 2017

Winter Break

You’ve worked hard all semester. You’ve turned in your last assignment and taken your last final. It’s finally here: winter break. *Cue the Hallelujah Chorus* You’re stress free and feeling relaxed, except now you’re...dare we say...bored!? Well, before your mom starts handing you chores to do, here are a few ideas to keep you entertained:

1) Look at Light Displays

This one’s a classic. Swing by your local coffee shop and grab a latte or hot chocolate, blast some holiday tunes in the car, and drive through a couple parks or neighborhoods to check out their festive light displays.

2) Catch Up With Your High School Friends

Holiday break is the perfect time to connect with friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Get the old gang back together at your favorite high school hangout and see what they’ve been up to.


3) Have a Love Affair with Your Favorite TV Series

There’s no shame in curling up on the couch by the fireplace and binge watching a new show on Netflix or Hulu. Lazy days are good for the soul! Better yet, invite your high school buds and make it a movie night and rewatch some old classics like Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings.


4) Channel Your Inner Martha Stewart

Take an afternoon to bake in full holiday fashion. Make some goodies like sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or maybe some banana bread and spread holiday cheer by taking it to a neighbor.


5) Online Shop

Splurge on a little something with the money you got for the holidays. You deserve it! With all the money you saved through your scholarships and low tuition at UCM, you’ll have even more to go around! Be sure to check out after-Christmas sales so your gift cards and cash can go farther for what you really want. The UCM Bookstore has a lot of fun gear too, so grab some swag and show your UCM Pride!


6) Spend Time With Family

Nothing will mean more to your parents or grandparents (or even siblings) than you wanting to spend time with them. Winter break is a great time to tell them about your school year and see what they’ve been up to while you’ve been away.

7) Play in the Snow

Channel your inner child and head outside with some friends to build a snow fort. It’s the little things in life that create the best memories.

8) Volunteer

You’ve got some extra time on your hands, so why not give back? UCM believes in a culture of service, and our Mules and Jennies are known for their commitment to the community! Head to your local soup kitchen or animal shelter and donate your time helping others. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel while making a difference in your community.

9) Take a Road Trip

Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean you can’t grab a friend, an AUX cord and hit the open road. Pro tip: Take your mom or dad and make their day. Just be careful in slippery driving conditions!


10) Sleep in!

Chances are, between work and school, it’s been awhile since you’ve been able to hit that snooze button. Better yet, don’t set an alarm at all! Take advantage of your time off and get all the zzz’s you can handle while enjoying every luxurious moment!


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