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Top 10 Locations to Take Graduation Photos at UCM

By Ellen Blaize, April 24, 2018

The school year is nearing its end, and it's almost time for what you've been working toward: graduation. Before you say your goodbyes, you might want to take a few pictures to commemorate your time at UCM. There are a lot of beautiful backdrops on campus, and we've compiled a list for you of the top 10 places to take graduation photos on campus. So grab your cap and gown and let's go!


Friendship Tower
Friendship Tower

The Maastricht Friendship Tower, located in the center of campus near the Audrey J. Walton Stadium, is a beautiful symbol of UCM's diversity and commitment to providing students with a worldly perspective. The tower bears in the inscription, "Who is wise? He who learns from every person" in English, Dutch, Maastricht Dutch and Hebrew.


UCM Stone Sign
UCM Stone Signs

These signs are timeless photo-op spots, and there are three to choose from!


James C. Kirkpatrick Library
James C. Kirkpatrick Library

The lawn of the JCKL with the beautiful building and flags in the background is the perfect place for a photo-op. Not to mention, you'll be able to forever remember the place you likely spent hours studying!


UCM Quad
The Quad

The Quad is a great place for pictures. Get creative! Try standing by the flagpole or near the entrance to Ward Edwards, or maybe put the Administration Building in the background.


Elliott Student Union
Elliott Student Union

The Union is a place you probably spent a lot of time in, so why not take a picture in your campus living room? Try posing outside by the clock, or even inside the atrium. If you were an avid bowler, try taking a picture at the lanes!


UCM Seal Stone Posts
UCM Seal Stone Posts

You can find these posts with the University seal on them at the entrances of the overpass on 13 highway by Ellis, Grinstead and the Student Rec Center. They're great UCM landmarks to pose next to. Just ask Mo! Plus, if you're a history buff, there are similar posts in front of Ward Edwards facing South Street from 1915.


The Crossing
The Crossing

There are lots of great outdoor spaces at The Crossing. Try taking a picture on one of the staircases, maybe with the football field in the background!


Mule Statue
The Mule Statue

The bronze mule statue is located near the east end of the parking lot at the corner of King and South Washington streets, across from the Audrey J. Walton Stadium. It comes with a fun tradition called "Kiss the Mule," where UCM graduates kiss the statue for a future of much luck and success. So naturally, it's a great photo-op!


Keth Memorial Golf Course
Keth Memorial Golf Course

Even if you're not a golfer, UCM's Keth Memorial Golf Course provides a beautiful place for a photo shoot. Located near Pertle Springs (another great place for photos), the golf course has plenty of greenery and a water feature.


UCM Graduates
Family Throwback Photo

If you have parents, grandparents or other relatives that also graduated from UCM, try finding an old photo of them on campus to recreate!

Wherever you decide to take photos, we hope that they help keep the memories of your time at UCM with you in the years to come. Make sure you tag us in all your #UCMGrad pics, we'd love to see them! Congratulations, Mules and Jennies!


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