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5 Reasons Every Mule and Jennie Should Be Using Handshake

By Shawna Newman, August 7, 2018



UCM’s Career Services office automatically provides all current students & alumni with Handshake, giving you the advantage over similar network-driven career websites (Rhyme: Winked, Pin). Here are the top 5 reasons you should be checking out Handshake regularly.


1) Leverage the Mule Nation Reputation

Employers are specifically asking for UCM graduates & students–proof of the UCM value! UCM’s Career Services maintains your individualized link via professional connections with employers on Handshake.

2) Trendy Professionals

Stay current on the latest job search, interview & resume trends with resources & blog posts from Handshake, and a few guest posts from our very own Career Services professionals–appearing directly on your Handshake newsfeed.

3) Strength in Numbers

Your networking potential is vast & vetted; you’ll be connected to approximately 7,400 legitimate (see reason # 4) employers.

4) The Odd Job

Scammers are going to scam; to add to their bizarre factor, they’re using internships & jobs to target people today. UCM’s Career Services validates the credibility of every job & internship posted on Handshake.

5) Intelligent Program Design

The more you interact with Handshake, the better the program gets to know your career goals/interests; remember the time you liked Stranger Things on Netflix only to discover E.T. through a Netflix-suggested top pick? Yes, similar algorithm!


Ready to boost your career prospects?

Set up your Handshake profile today to see what’s out there.

  • Log into MyCentral
  • Select “Student Services,” then “Student Home” on the left navigation panel
  • Find the Career Development box
  • Select “Handshake,” then follow the prompts to set up your Handshake account

Stuck? Contact our Career Services office at 660-543-4985 or email They’ll be happy to help you!


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