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Let Your Mule Pride Shine Online with UCM-themed ‘Zoom’ Backgrounds

By Sam Schleicher, March 30, 2020

As classes at the University of Central Missouri resume online amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students are logging into virtual learning environments more than ever. Whether you’re embarrassed about your messy room appearing in your thumbnail, or just looking to spice up your virtual classroom, you can add these UCM-themed virtual backgrounds to your Zoom profile for a unique look!

Selecting a virtual background is simple, and there’s no green screen required! Just download the backgrounds you like best, and follow this quick tutorial to set them up. Don't worry about the text being backwards when you preview it, it'll display correctly in Zoom.

If you’re new to the online-learning scene, it’s easy to be a little self-conscious as you fire up your webcam, your face suddenly appearing in front of the rest of the class. These fresh Zoom backgrounds are sure to brighten up your new virtual environment (and make you look like a Zoom master, too).

Make sure you grab a couple screenshots with your favorite background(s), and tag us in the pics @UCentralMO. Stay #MuleStrong, Mules and Jennies!


Administration Building 1 [Download]

Administration Building

Administration Building 2 [Download]
Administration Building


#teamUCM [Download]


Mo the Mule 1 [Download]
Mo the Mule


Mo the Mule 2 [Download]
Mo the Mule


Elliott Student Union [Download]
Elliott Student Union


Spring Campus 1 [Download]
UCM Spring Campus


Spring Campus 2 [Download]
UCM Spring Campus



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