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Get Creative with These Advanced UCM-Themed Coloring Activities

By Sam Schleicher, April 14, 2020

UCM Coloring Pages

We hope you’re stocked up on art supplies: these UCM-themed coloring activities are highly detailed and designed to inspire the creativity of our most artistic Mules and Jennies!

These three advanced coloring activities are free to download. They make for a great study break and can help improve your focus, fine motor skills and quality of sleep. These are no kindergarten coloring books, so take your time, and make sure you share your creation with us on social media at @UCentralMO.

For more coloring fun, check out our Mo the Mule coloring sheets for artists of all ages. Enjoy!

Download the Coloring Sheets


UCM coloring page


Mule Coloring Page


UCM Coloring Page


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