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CampusESP Helps Families Stay Engaged in Students’ Education at UCM

By Jeff Murphy, January 18, 2023


WARRENSBURG, MO – Understanding the valuable role parents and family members play in student success, the University of Central Missouri today announced the establishment of CampusESP as a new, customized web platform to help them stay connected with UCM.

The free platform, launched on Jan. 18, is geared to the families of current and prospective students. It serves as the go-to place to learn more about resources, opportunities and events that are central to the student experience, and is expected to increase parent engagement with the university. According to Chris Lang, assistant vice provost for admissions and analytics, among its many features, CampusESP enables family members to sign up for an email newsletter from the vendor, “UCM Family Connection (,” that will be received at a cadence that works best for them. Parents can request bi-weekly or monthly updates that meet their preferences and areas of interest, he said.
“When they get invited to join, or sign up for CampusESP, they will be provided information that will cater the content to what they want to receive,” Lang added. “For example, if a parent is interested in scholarships and financial aid, the newsletter will include timely content on that topic. They can pick and choose what they would like to see so that they can ensure the information they receive is relevant to them.”

Parents also have an opportunity to use the portal to join virtual “communities” on a platform that functions much like a popular social media outlet. This enables them to share information and to keep up to date with what is going on at UCM through posts made by university staff.

“UCM staff will be able to provide additional updates during specific periods of the year with timely information to help family members stay informed about what is happening on campus as well as updating them on important deadlines, such as when and how to apply for graduation,” Lang said.

UCM administrators are implementing CampusESP knowing that family support is a critical component of a student’s success throughout their higher education. Providing a student’s family with helpful information gives them knowledge they can use to encourage their students. Such support plays an important role in a student’s persistence to completion of their degree program at UCM while also contributing to the quality of their overall academic experience.

“Recognizing the important role families play in supporting their students’ success, UCM is excited to launch this new communication tool that will provide updates and information relevant to their specific student's collegiate experience,” noted Shari Bax, Ph.D., vice president for student experience and engagement.

Bax’s office is collaborating with the Admissions area to make CampusESP available. Individuals who want to know more about CampusESP are encouraged to contact Chris Lang at or 660-543-4673 or Shari Bax at or 660-543-4618.


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