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UCM Partners with Acadeum to Expand Access to High-Demand Courses

By Jeff Murphy, March 20, 2023


WARRENSBURG, MO – University of Central Missouri students who are seeking access to high-demand courses now have expanded options thanks to a new partnership with Acadeum. Acadeum is a national organization that has established a student-centered course-sharing model in collaboration with approximately 460 higher education institutions to help individuals seeking a degree or credential.

Within this network, colleges and universities identify online courses which have empty seats so that students at Acadeum partner universities will be able to access them. This is especially helpful for those students who may need a course but are unable to enroll on their home campus because the class is either not offered when they need it or seats are already at capacity. The online courses made possible through the Acadeum cooperative still count toward GPA, financial aid, and graduation requirements. This seamless course-sharing experience helps ensure students don’t waste valuable time earning the academic credentials they need to launch their professional careers.

“Acadeum is a great platform for course sharing that helps with student progress and completion,” said Heather McGrath, UCM registrar. “Under the program, a student is enrolled at UCM and we help facilitate working with the consortium to allow them to take a course at another (Acadeum) institution.”

McGrath said the initiative is an innovative tool for ensuring that students persist on their education pathway by eliminating potential delays, if a course isn’t available. It also allows smaller universities to benefit from economies of scale, providing students access to courses that may be of interest that are not offered at their home institution, while also helping to build relationships between community colleges and four-year institutions.

According to Acadeum’s website, course sharing has grown in recent years between higher education institutions, systems, and associations. This course-sharing platform has helped more than 26,000 students access courses to allow them to continue on the path of success in meeting their education goals.

UCM students who want to take advantage of course offerings through Acadeum will begin enrolling for summer and fall 2023 on March 29, with the assistance of their academic success advisor. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Registrar at or by checking out UCM’s Acadeum website. 

About Acadeum

Acadeum helps colleges and universities create academic partnerships with like-minded institutions to support student progress and equitable access. Today, more than 460 higher education institutions use Acadeum’s course-sharing network to place students in online courses they need to stay on track for timely graduation. Institutions gain new revenue from courses they offer through the network, by sharing tuition dollars from courses taken by their students, and by keeping at-risk students enrolled. To learn more about Acadeum, please visit                                                  


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