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HB 19 Includes Funds for Local Economic Development, UCM Aviation Self-service Fuel Accessibility

By News Bureau, July 18, 2023

Known as an education and community use aviation facility, the University of Central Missouri's Skyhaven Airport  and its users will benefit from provisions included in the recently signed Missouri Appropriations House Bill 19.


WARRENSBURG, MO -- Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s recent signing of sections of the Appropriations HB 19 marks a significant milestone for economic growth in the Warrensburg area. We are pleased to announce that two crucial provisions within the bill, section 19.416 and section 19.321, have been approved, paving the way for substantial advancements in infrastructure and self-service fuel accessibility.

Section 19.416 allocates $5 million to facilitate the development of Brady Commerce Park Phase 2, enhancing the area’s infrastructure and fostering economic prosperity. Furthermore, section 19.321 designates $850,000 to establish self-service fuel facilities at the University of Central Missouri’s Skyhaven Airport, a vital component in expanding aviation services and supporting the transportation needs of the region.

Senator Denny Hoskins of the 21st District and member of the Appropriations Committee added the amendments to the original legislation which was also supported by Senator Rick Brattin of the 31st District.

“I appreciate the Governor focusing on items to promote significant economic growth in Johnson County and West Central Missouri,” said Hoskins. “These investments in infrastructure will encourage future economic growth and jobs for many years to come.”

Dr. Mark Suazo, dean and professor of management in the University of Central Missouri's Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies, “We are very grateful to Governor Mike Parson and the Missouri Legislature for making funding possible for a self-service fuel facility at UCM’s Skyhaven Airport. This project will transform the way Skyhaven Airport can serve the UCM flight school and the needs of private pilots by providing access to fuel 24-hours a day. This new facility, along with other improvements such as the new terminal building, will add to the functioning of Skyhaven Airport as home to an outstanding aviation school and as a hub for area businesses with aviation needs. This is the latest chapter in UCM’s long history of preparing aviation professionals and providing economic development opportunities to the region.”

“This significant milestone is the result of years of preparation, months of collaboration, and longtime economic partnerships between the City of Warrensburg, Johnson County Economic Development Corporation, and other stakeholders,” Warrensburg Mayor Jim Kushner, said, “We look forward to this next phase with Brady Commerce Park, set to enhance infrastructure, spur business growth, and create jobs, further positioning Warrensburg as a hub for regional commerce.”

Media representatives who have questions about HB 19 and its local impact should contact David Pearce, executive director for governmental relations at the University of Central Missouri, at (660-543-5365) or Tracy Brantner, CEcD, EDFP, executive director of Johnson County Economic Development Corporation, at (660-747-0244).


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