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‘Mule Express’ Makes Applying a Breeze for UCM Alumni Returning to Campus to Pursue Master’s Degrees

By Jeff Murphy, September 14, 2023


WARRENSBURG, MO – University of Central Missouri alumni who are considering  returning to their alma mater to pursue a master’s degree will discover the application process easier than ever, thanks to the new “Mule Express” program.

Launched Sept.  1, this new initiative will make the application process much more seamless and expedient for UCM’s valued alumni, including current students, who may continue on their higher education journey at UCM. Through “Mule Express,” a student can expect to reap a range of benefits that will not only put cash back in their pockets but help make their transition into a graduate program as simple as possible.

The “Mule Express” program offers the following to help accommodate alumni pursuing a master’s degree:

● No application fee: UCM is waiving the application fee for all university alumni and currently enrolled undergraduate students in an effort to make earning a graduate degree intellectually and financially rewarding.

●  Transcript simplification: UCM students need not worry about resubmitting transcripts they have already provided during their time here, unless they have attended another institution since graduating from UCM. This streamlined approach recognizes a university alumnus’ prior commitment to UCM and saves them time.

● Expedited application review:  UCM understands just how valuable time is for our alumni. With "Mule Express," applications from alumni and current students will receive expedited reviews, ensuring that they can swiftly move forward with their educational aspirations.

“Mule Express” applies to domestic students applying for a graduate certificate program, a master’s degree, or an Educational Specialist degree. Individuals who want to apply for admission or simply learn more about the “Mule Express” initiative are encouraged to contact UCM Graduate Studies at or


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