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Board of Governor Sets Instructional, General Fees for FY 2024

By Jeff Murphy, March 28, 2023


Home for the Office of the President  and other key administrative leaders, the Administration Building is one of the most iconic structures on the University of Central Missouri campus. 

WARRENSBURG, MO – While seeking to maintain the most affordable education possible for students amid rising inflationary costs, the University of Central Missouri’s Board of Governors approved slight increases in instructional tuition and general fees Fiscal Year 2024. Action on these matters took place when the board met in its March 23 plenary session on campus.

 Bill Hawley, vice president for finance and operations, presented the board with proposed fee increases, effective for the fall 2023 semester. The new fee structure presented to the board will increase the per-credit-hour charge for in-state undergraduate courses by 3.5 percent and in-state graduate courses by 5 percent. This means undergraduates from Missouri will pay $277.50 per credit hour this fall, up from the current $268. The cost for in-state graduate students will become $356 per credit hour, up from $339. These percentage increases are also the same for non-resident undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of modality. Non-resident students’ tuition is double the rate of resident tuition.

The board also approved general fees to cover costs related to athletics, facilities, Pertle Springs Recreational Area, student activities, technology, the Elliott Student Union, health services and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, which was student approved. Students who are taking under nine credit hours per semester will pay $47 per credit hour, an increase of $1.35 per credit hour above the current rate. Students who are taking nine or more credit hours will pay a flat rate of $705, which is an increase of $20.25 per credit hour over the current charge.

In discussion about room and board, it was noted that meal plan rates are based on the Dining Service contract with Sodexo. This allows for an increase based on the Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers – Food Away from Home. The Food Away from Home index for 12 months, ending Aug. 31, 2022, was 8 percent. Housing rates will increase approximately 4 percent overall.  These rates are affected by variables such as enrollment, salaries and accompanying fringe benefits, student wages, health insurance rates, Missouri State Employees Retirement System (MOSERS) contributions, utilities, property insurance premiums, maintenance, repairs, and administrative overhead, which impact the University Housing budget.

The board also approved an increase in aviation fixed wing flight fees to address rising flight operations costs and to establish funding to implement a fleet modernization and sustainability plan. The hourly rates for aircraft and simulator rental will increase by 12 percent. In terms of flight hours, these changes in rental cost per hour can range from an increase of $13 for a PA-18-150 Super Cub to $48 for a BRE-58 Beechcraft Baron. Simulator cost will go up $3 per hour for the Redbird simulator, and $6 for the Frasca simulator. The instructor cost will increase by 22% from $45 per hour to $55. 


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