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Inaugural Care To Act Champion Awards Honor Kreiner, Rutt, and Chancler

Care to Act Awards.

By Alex Greenwood, May 8, 2024

In an inspiring ceremony held at the administration building last month, the inaugural Care To Act Champion Awards were presented by Suzy Latare, manager of the Office of Health Promotion, following an introduction by UCM President Roger Best. The event recognized three outstanding individuals who have actively contributed to fostering an environment of care and support at UCM.


Faculty Champion: Dr. David Kreiner 

Dr.  Kleiner and Suzy Latare.

Awarded for his frequent invitations to Care To Act to engage with students, Dr. Kreiner has demonstrated a deep understanding of the impact and significance of Care To Act, ensuring that its values are integrated into student life.


Facilitator Champion: Beth Rutt

Beth Rutt and Suzy Latare.

Rutt, director of Student Activities, was honored for leading numerous impactful conversations, stepping up as a vital leader in the program.


CTA Champion: Dr. Lover Chancler

Dr. Chancler and Suzy Latare.


Dr. Chancler, director of The Center, was recognized for embodying the spirit of Care To Act. She has been a pivotal committee member and a consistent advocate, integrating the program into The Center’s "Let's Talk" sessions to reach and support more students effectively.


As part of the UCM Office of Health Promotion, the Care To Act approach focuses on preventing harm and supporting the well-being and safety of everyone on campus, by discussing how we can each be caring and engaged community members.


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