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KMOS-TV to Provide Broadcast Schedule of Programs for Home-bound Students

By Jeff Murphy, April 2, 2020

PBS Kids

WARRENSBURG, MO - Taking advantage of its catalog of general education programming, KMOS-TV has modified its weekday broadcast schedule to include three hours of programs daily to assist students and their families while schools are closed during the current health emergency.

KMOS-TV is the University of Central Missouri’s public television station. Beginning Monday, April 6, it will dedicate the hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to the “KMOS Classroom” schedule on HD channel 6.1, replacing previously scheduled programs for the month of April and into May. Regular PBS Kids programming will be unaffected. Programming each day will be generally grouped by curriculum in the following manner: Mondays - math and technology, Tuesday - History and social studies, Wednesdays - performing and visual arts, and Thursdays - language arts. Fridays will remain unchanged as they regularly feature nature and science programs. Students seeking content related to careers will find it on Monday and Friday afternoons.

“KMOS Classroom” content will include some documentaries that have aired in primetime, while others will be broadcast for the first time this month. One example is the series “Roadtrip Nation,” Fridays at 1:30 p.m. It follows a group of young adults as they traverse the United States to meet business and other leaders willing to share stories of following their passions and realizing their dreams. “Poetry in America” is a series designed for students of all ages. Hosted by Harvard University professor Elisa New, each program highlights the work of one distinguished poet with a reading by an individual well known for accomplishments outside the humanities.

KMOS is one of many PBS stations nationwide adjusting their local broadcast schedules to provide alternatives for students and educators. While there are many video and resources available online through, the programming on KMOS Classroom and other PBS stations reach the many families without access to high-speed internet. Information about these and the other programs showcased in the “KMOS Classroom” will be available upon request and online at

KMOS serves the citizens of 38 central Missouri counties with high-quality, educational content and experiences online, over-the-air and in our communities. We are integral to engaged learning as a professional learning lab for students from a variety of disciplines at the University of Central Missouri.

KMOS-TV broadcasts programming over the air on four channels throughout the region with programs for all ages on 6.1, lifestyle and how-to programs on 6.2, international news, dramas and more on 6.3, and a full schedule of kids programming to fit the schedule of every busy family on 6.4.


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