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UCM Employees Claim Two of Three MACADA Advising Awards

By Jeff Murphy, October 5, 2020

Krystle Gremaud and Rachelle KrausenKrystle Gremaud (left) and Rachelle Krausen

WARRENSBURG, MO – Demonstrating a strong commitment to student success, Krystle Gremaud, assistant professor and program coordinator for the Career and Technology Teacher Education program, and Rachelle Krausen, academic support advisor at the Success Advising Center, are being honored by the Missouri Academic Advising Association (MACADA) through two separate awards. These UCM employees claimed two of only three awards presented.


MACADA, which recognizes outstanding advisors during its annual fall conference, named Gremaud recipient of the 2020 Faculty Academic Advising Award. It honors an individual whose primary responsibility is teaching, but who also spends a portion of their time providing academic advising services to students. Krausen received the 2020 Outstanding New Advisor Award. This is recognition for an individual who has provided outstanding academic advising of students and who has served as a professional advisor or a faculty member with advising duties for a period of three or fewer years.


To be eligible for recognition, an individual must serve as an academic adviser, faculty academic advisor, or advising administrator and be employed by a regionally accredited post-secondary institution. Selections are based on nominations from MACADA members; a review of teaching and advising; and letters of support from institution peers and students. Individuals selected in each of the award categories are awarded a certificate, one-year MACADA membership, and conference registration.


Gremaud, who has served the university since August 2014, has been involved with advising students since she joined UCM. She coordinates four secondary education programs and works closely with students in the programs on a daily basis to make sure they stay on track and progress through their academic programs.


“I never thought I was doing anything above and beyond what my job asked me to do, so to be nominated by my peers in success advising means a lot to me. It means that others have taken notice of the work I’m doing and appreciate my efforts to establish a seamless advising relationship between the students, the academic advisors, and myself.”


In helping students to prepare for their future careers, one of Gremaud’s proudest accomplishments at UCM relates to unifying Career and Technology Education programs.


“Historically, CTE programs tend to be siloed in schools and, therefore, can often make a student feel isolated with the program. I’ve been working the last few years to bring the programs together and help establish a sense of community among the CTE students,” she said. “In doing so, I've developed several comprehensive CTE classes for students in all areas of CTE to take together which allows them to gain an understanding of the other areas of CTE, yet see how CTE can work together towards a common goal. The unification of our CTE programs has shown the students how they can work within their schools collaboratively to bring programs together and develop strong relationships within their schools.”


The CTE areas that Gremaud advises are Agriculture Teacher Education, Business Teacher Education, Engineering and Technology Teacher Education, and Family Consumer Sciences Teacher Education. Together, these four programs make up the undergraduate Career and Technical Education program at UCM.


“We are the only institution in Missouri to offer all four CTE teacher education programs,” Gremaud said.


Gremaud is humble about successes in her education career that have led to honors such as the MACADA Faculty Academic Advising Award.
“Education has always been my life. I knew very early on that teaching was my calling,” she said. “I'm proud of the awards I've won and have been nominated for, but it often feels odd to be recognized and praised for something that you just do without a second thought because you love doing it.”


Krausen began working as an Academic Success Advisor in June 2019. In this role she assists undergraduate students with enrollment, degree planning, understanding curriculum, graduation, program requirements and university procedures. Additionally, she provides support to students in developing and reaching academic goals, helps identify campus resources to aid in student success, and encourages and supports students in understanding the purposes and goals of higher education and its effects on their lives and personal goals.


“As a new professional, I was honored to be nominated by the Success Advising Center’s leadership team for this award and humbled to have won the MACADA 2020 Outstanding New Advisor Award,” she said. “I genuinely appreciate the acknowledgement of my contributions to the Center and efforts in students’ success.”


Krausen said she is thankful for the opportunity to work and grow with the UCM Success Advising team, staff, faculty and students to build authentic relationships.


“With everyday conversations, I receive fulfillment from assisting in students’ academic, personal, and professional growth as they are one step closer to achieving their goals. This award, in combination with positive student feedback, drives my motivation to continuously guide, support, empower, and educate all students with confidence.”


MACADA promotes excellence in academic advising and supports the development of the professional competencies that are connected to students' academic achievement, retention and persistence to graduation. The association also provides opportunities for professional development, developing connections and leadership for a diverse body of higher education professionals throughout the state of Missouri.


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