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Jurkowski Appointed to Commission on English Language Program Accreditation

By Jeff Murphy, February 8, 2021

Odin Jurkowski, Ed.D

WARRENSBURG, MO – In addition to serving the University of Central Missouri, Odin Jurkowski, Ed.D., professor and director of Graduate Education and Research, is taking on new responsibilities that have national and international implications as a member of the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. Jurkowski was recently appointed to a three-year term on the Commission.


The CEA is a specialized accrediting agency established to provide a systematic approach for accrediting post-secondary intensive English language programs and institutions in the U.S. and abroad. It considers whether or not institutions are in compliance with accepted standards, pursue continuous improvement, and are recognized for doing so. The Commission is a body of elected and appointed members who govern the CEA and make accreditation decisions. It also is responsible for setting CEA policy and supporting CEA’s continued development to help it respond to changing needs in the field of English language teaching and administration.


“When review teams make their site visits and submit their completed reports and recommendations, we then make the final decision,” Jurkowski said. “The Commission not only makes accreditation decisions but puts forth the accreditation standards, policies and procedures.”


CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accrediting agency. This recognition allows accredited freestanding English language institutions to establish eligibility to participate in the Department of Homeland Security's certification program, by which such institutions may admit international students. CEA's recognition also indicates that CEA meets U.S. federal requirements for postsecondary accrediting agencies.


Jurkowski is already serving his term on the Commission, and will complete his service through 2023.


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