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UCM Theatre and Dance Presents Free Virtual Theatre Production: ‘Spotlight’

By Jeff Murphy, April 20, 2021

WARRENSBURG, MO –  The virtual presentation of the production, “Spotlight” will be presented by University of Central Missouri Theatre and Dance on its YouTube channel at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 22; Friday, April 23, Saturday, April 24 and at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 25. Virtual Doors open 15 minutes prior to start time, and no tickets or reservations are needed.


“Spotlight” is recommended for all audiences, and while the virtual presentation is free, however, in lieu of buying tickets, audience members may support the UCM Theatre and Dance program by following the link found in the YouTube description of each show.  Links to the shows can be found on the Theatre and Dance web page  and under “Events” on the UCM Theatre and Dance Facebook page @ucmtheatreanddance. 


For this final show of the 2020-2021 season, UCM Theatre and Dance again meets the challenges of producing excellent and safe theatre during COVID -19. This unique production takes the audience on a theatrical journey of personal artistry as students select and perform monologues, musical numbers and dances that reflect their unique personal aesthetic. It is an exploration of what it means to be a young theatre artist in the spring of the 2021 and audiences get to share in a celebration of the young people who are the heart and soul of UCM Theatre and Dance.


“Spotlight” Director Mary Trotter noted that the show was created to give UCM Theatre and Dance students the opportunity to work on material that spoke to who they want to be as artists. To do work that filled their souls and supported their passion! The performers selected their pieces and the production team worked alongside them to help their visions shine through. It has been a joy to be on this journey of artistic discovery with them!”  She added, “Another highlight of this process has been the collaboration with Joe Moore and the students of Digital Media Production. Challenges of COVID led us to the exciting path of filming this project. It has been really rewarding and educational for Theatre and Dance to explore a different format with other faculty and students we don’t normally work with.”
The cast includes: Shanna Sinow, Alex Scharfenberg, Miranda Muenz, Alyce Wilson, Anna Braman, Phil Licata, Katie Kaminski, Makenzie Lewis, Luke Habjan, Lacy Goettling, Eleanor Panico, Raheem Fielder-Bey, Molly Ross, Ashlyn Reece, Charlotte Sipple, Katie Marshall, Emily Layt, AJ Johnson, Ashton Bennett and Sabrina Ortiz.

The Production Team includes Trotter; Music Director, Dr. Jake Sentgeorge; Director of Video Production, Supporting Playwright, Ben Gonzales; Choreographer, Allison Duncan; Stage Manager, Madison Skiljan; Production Manager and Scenic Coordinator, Ken George; Faculty Advisor for Lighting, Ben Gonzales; Lighting Designer for Highlander Theatre and Master Electrician, Kelsi Richardson; Costume Coordinator and Costume Shop Manager, Jennifer Van Buskirk; Hair and Makeup Designer, Allison Winsby; Assistant Directors, Tony Smith and Caitlin Whitehead; Assistant Stage Manager, Luke Habjan; Assistant Music Director, Elizabeth Henks; Props Master and Assistant Scenic Coordinator, Brittany Brandt; Assistant Technical Director, Seth Holt; Assistant Choreographer:, Rachel Curry; Set Construction, Seth Holt, Luke Habjan, Rachel Curry, Kelsi Richardson, Brittany Brandt and Sri Sriramula; Costume Shop Assistants, Maryn Edwards, Cydni Stanford, Allison Winsby, Hollie Neuman; Publicity and Marketing Director, Dr. Aaron Scully; Assistant Publicity and Marketing Director, Mekdelawit Keller; Publicity and Marketing Team,  Cloe Pohlman, Katie Kaminski, and Holden Childress; Trailer Editor, Charlie Martin; Office Professional UCM Theatre and Dance, Jane Tackett; College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Administrative Assistant, Heather Stringer; Theatre and Dance Office Assistants, Madison Skiljan and Tony Smith.


View the Virtual Streaming Performances


Credits for ‘Spotlight’ Trailer:
Individuals who contributed to the “Spotlight” trailer are: Trailer Editor, Charlie Martin; “Spotlight” Director: Mary Trotter; Music Director, Dr. Jake Sentgeorge; Director of Video Production, Dr. Joe Moore; Set Coordinator, Ken George; Lighting Design for Highlander, Keslie Richardson; Costume Coordinator, Jenn Van Buskirk; Choreographer, Allison Duncan; Hair and Makeup Design, Allison Winsby.


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