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UCM Board Authorizes Revision to Educational Development Program Policy, Golf Cart Lease, Unit Price Contracts

By Jeff Murphy, December 19, 2022


Student member of the UCM Board of Governors, Zac Racy, Riverside, Missouri, is congratulated for his past two years of service on the board by UCM President Roger Best, left, and Board President Ken Weymuth, right. Racy is leaving the board after completing his MBA at UCM. Racy also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing in May 2021.


WARRENSBURG, MO – A lease agreement for golf carts, unit price contracts for a variety of on-call services, an agreement for procurement software services, and the establishment of new course fees that cover increased expenses associated with the delivery of specific academic programs were approved by the Board of Governors when it met on campus on Dec. 9. The governing board also approved a change in the Educational Development Program that benefits employees' family members who are seeking a UCM education.

Recognizing the importance of life-long learning, board action included a revision to the Educational Development Policy to expand benefits to long-serving, full-time employees. While the university  has provided 50 percent of the tuition to employees’ spouses and legally dependent children who enroll in for-credit classes at UCM, the policy has been revised to enable 100 percent of the cost of a course to be covered for these family members, once a qualified employee has served for five years full time. The policy continues to cover 50 percent of the cost of tuition and fees for the spouse and dependents of eligible full-time employees who have not reached their five-year work anniversary. This benefit does not apply to room and board charges, private lessons, and textbook rental fees.

Considering the durability of lithium-ion batteries, with lower charging costs, less maintenance and labor, and a  five-year warranty, the board approved a request to award a five-year lease to M&M Golf Cars LLC. This covers 60 lithium-ion battery-powered golf carts with GPS services and one 2024 Club Car Carryall 300 gas ranger picker at a total cost of $104,930 per year. The five-year cost will be $524,650 for the new fleet to be housed at the Mules National Golf Club at Pertle Springs. The lease with M&M Golf Cars LLC. will ensure the new fleet is in place prior to the end of the existing lease agreement in March 2024. Funding comes from Mules National Golf Club revenue.

The board approved the award of a contract for Jaggaer ERP Software services for one year with the option for four additional one-year renewals to help perform electronic procurement pay functions. The total five-year cost of this contract is approximately $1.1 million. Funding will come through the Office of Technology budget allocation and Finance and Administration.

Unit price contracts were approved by the board as a means to supplement the Facilities Management Operations (FPO) staff to complete small projects as efficiently and timely as possible. The contracts areas covered and service providers are: on-call carpet and flooring services, MAS Construction Services and DB Flooring (dba Regents Flooring);  electrical services, MAS Construction Services LLP and Reinhold Electric Inc.; general contracting services, MAS Construction Services and Aquila Industries; plumbing maintenance and repair services, The Fagan Company, Pro-Mechanical, and US Engineering Service;  HVAC services, Air Design Heating and Cooling, The Fagan Company, Pro-Mechanical, and US Engineering Service; painting services, MAS Construction Services, Blue Bear Inc., Impact Painting, and CSC Contracting.

A request to add course fees to cover costs for measurable and recurring expenses not provided within the academic department’s operating budget was approved for four art courses, Painting I , Painting II, Painting III and Advanced Topics in Painting, and one theatre course, Stage Make-up. These costs range from $15 to $85 depending on the course.

The board also approved a request to delete course fees for the courses titled Early Childhood Practicum, Young Learner Practicum (Grades 1-3), Intermediate Leaner Practicum (Grades 4-6), Principles of Web Media, and Practicum in Early Childhood, Introduction to Language, Literacy and Literature in the Middle Level Classroom, Block One. These fees to be eliminated range from $5 for the Principles of Wed Media class to $50 for each of the other courses and are no longer necessary as the associated costs have been removed from the courses.

Due to factors such as the increased cost of consumable materials, protective equipment, biological chemicals and supplies, and to better align with costs such as oral exams, the board approved a proposal to increase costs in eight art courses, two biology courses, 15 aviation courses and one theatre course. These fees range from a $5 to a $50 increase, depending on the course. One aviation course, Glass Cockpits – G1000, actually decreased from the current cost of $496 to $380.  This reflects the increase in instruction rate and the decrease in simulator cost approved by the board in January 2022.

In other business, board members approved the award of a contract for banking depository services to Central Bank of Warrensburg. The contract term will be five years with implementation commencing on Jan. 1, 2023, and banking services commencing on May 1, 2023. This does not impact banking facilities that are currently located on campus.  The university has the option for one additional five-year renewal under the contract approved by the board.

The board also awarded a contract to GFL Environmental for waste, recycling and environmental waste collection services on campus for the period of Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2028.  The cost is not to exceed $940,000. This will account for potential annual price increases not to exceed 5 percent and additional pickups that must be requested by UCM staff.



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