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UCM and SFCC’s Pathway from Two-Year to Four-Year Degree Enrollment Offers Unique Opportunities to Students

By Alex Greenwood, June 20, 2024

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The concurrent enrollment agreement between the University of Central Missouri (UCM) and State Fair Community College (SFCC), called the SFCC + UCM Direct Connect program, continues to successfully create a seamless and efficient pathway from associate to baccalaureate degree, enabling students to enjoy a four-year education experience at UCM while simultaneously taking advantage of the affordability of the community college and the diverse levels of academic preparation SFCC provides.

The UCM/SFCC Concurrent Enrollment Agreement was initiated by leaders of both campuses in 2022, making this transformative educational opportunity possible for current and future students.


“State Fair Community College is committed to providing attainable career and educational goals for our students,” said SFCC President Dr. Brent Bates. “This partnership with UCM provides a seamless transfer opportunity to so many of our students looking to earn a quality education after they leave SFCC.”

“We are grateful for our longstanding partnership with State Fair Community College, and this program is another example of our mutual commitment to providing opportunities to students,” said UCM President Roger Best. “Our goals are the same–to ensure students have access to an exceptional higher education experience and doing so in a pathway that maximizes their potential for success.”

State Fair Community College logoThe program is structured to optimize resources to facilitate a direct pathway to obtain an associate degree at SFCC followed by a seamless transition to a bachelor’s degree at UCM. Those who participate in this educational pathway will not only reduce the potential time and cost for completion of their four-year degree but will also benefit from an effortless transfer of course credit between institutions, as well as the opportunity to use all amenities offered to students from both institutions.


The collaborative program offers SFCC students the unique ability to participate in a 2+2 program (from State Fair to UCM) while enjoying benefits such as the utilization of all facilities on the UCM campus provided to regularly enrolled university students; joint advising between UCM and SFCC; ability to live in UCM campus residence halls, if they choose; and a $1,500 scholarship (stackable) upon graduation from SFCC. This is in addition to taking advantage of the library, dining facilities, university store, student union, sporting events, entertainment and cultural events, and more.

UCM logoThis program is currently open to students who meet Missouri residency requirements. Students seeking admission to the UCM/SFCC Concurrent Enrollment program must typically enroll full-time (minimum 12 credit hours per semester) in the program with courses exclusively at SFCC or at UCM and SFCC. If a student takes courses at UCM, those courses will apply toward the major the student intends to pursue once admitted as a degree-seeking UCM student. Students who take courses at UCM under this program will pay for State Fair tuition, fees and other institutional charges through State Fair.


Program participants are eligible to seek financial aid to help pay for the cost of their education and will be assigned a Navigator at SFCC and a Success Advisor at UCM to help them stay on track toward degree completion. Additionally, both institutions provide participating students a “roadmap” that articulates the program's purpose and charts the path they must follow to succeed.


For more information, visit the UCM website or call  (660) 543-4290.




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