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The Best Free Entertainment on Campus

We’ve got all the things you love about the movie theater experience, perfect for the college student budget: FREE. Enjoy new movies on a big screen with surround sound from the comfort of our amazing leather recliners.  Need a snack? We’ve got those too, and they’re only $1. We’ve got the best popcorn in town; come try it for yourself!


Now Showing:

Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Poster

October 24-27

Peter Parker is on a trip to Europe with his classmates when elementals start wreaking havoc across the continent. Nick Fury enlists his help to fight the new threats, alongside master illusionist Mysterio.

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Halloween Scarefest:

Hocus Pocus Movie Poster

October 31

Three 17th-century witches, hanged for their murderous crimes, are resurrected on Halloween in modern-day Salem by an unsuspecting boy, who must now figure out how to get them back in the ground.

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Friday the 13th Movie Poster

November 1

Remake has masked killer Jason Voorhees terrorizing vacationing college students.

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Annabelle Movie Poster

November 2

An expectant mother's vintage doll becomes possessed after a satanic cult invade her home. In the aftermath of the attack, she must protect her family from the malevolent force that has attached itself to the figurine.

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Sundae Screams Featuring:

Get Out Movie Poster

November 3

In Universal Pictures’ Get Out, a speculative thriller from Blumhouse (producers of The Visit, Insidious series and The Gift) and the mind of Jordan Peele, when a young African-American man visits his white girlfriend’s family estate, he becomes ensnared in a more sinister real reason for the invitation.

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