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Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate serves as the representative body of the faculty under the provisions of the Faculty Senate Constitution and by-laws as approved by the Board of Governors.  The Senate may initiate deliberations on these issues provided for in the Constitution or respond to requests for its deliberation.  The resulting Senate motions are forwarded as recommendations to the Provost and President of the University for adoption by the Administration. 


 Online Computer

Meeting Information

The Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Executive Committee hold regularly scheduled meetings throughout the academic year.  Here, you will find meeting schedules, agendas and minutes for the Senate and Executive Committee meetings both past and present.

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Adult learners


The Faculty Senate Office houses information for Faculty Senate and University Administrative committees, advisory committees and ad hoc committees.  Here, you will find the rosters, charges and Procedure and Policy Manuals for those committees. 

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Shaking Hands


As an organization that follows Robert's Rule of Order, all items decided upon will have a motion associated with them.  Here, you will find links to motions both past and present.

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In 1980, the Faculty Senate was established which took the place of the Faculty Council.  The Archives page will house the scanned copies of the binders that have been a part of the Faculty Senate office since its inception.  These archives also include information from Faculty Council meetings prior to what is now known as the Faculty Senate. 

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Faculty Senate Membership

Executive Committee


Vice President

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Education

College of Health, Science & Technology

Harmon College of Business & Professional Studies

Library Services

Daniel Wolcott

Jaimee Hartenstein

Hannah Marsh

Lane Maxcy

Corey Werner

Andy Multer

Kyle Constant

Faculty Senators

A Faculty Senator serves a two year term and is eligible to serve two consecutive terms before being required to rotate off for a minimum of one year.



College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Amanda Brewer

Mark Bonner

Hannah Marsh

William Musser

Aaron Scully

Julia Trumpold

College of Education

Odin Jurkowski

Lane Maxcy

Daniel Gilhooly

Nabat Erdogan

Carla Williams

College of Health, Science and Technology

Katie Jacobs

Sushil Thapa

Meera Penumetcha

Katie Kage

Xiaodong Yue

Daniel Wolcott 

Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

Marlys Peck

Jaimee Hartenstein

Andy Multer

David Johnson

Raja Bouzouita

Reddy Nischala

Library Services

Kyle Constant

Faculty Senate Alternates

Faculty Senate Alternates serve a one year term from May to May.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

           Kamel Ghozzi

Marco Rosichelli

Mark Farris

College of Education

Krystle Gremaud

Lauren Hays

Lucy Phillips

College of Health, Science and Technology

Bill McGalliard

Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

Adriatik Likcani

Chris Opatrny-Yazell

Qinqxiong Ma

Library Services

Sara Evans

Missouri Association of Faculty Senates Representatives

David Ewing

Katie Jacobs








Kirstie Rossmiller
Faculty Senate Office Professional
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Tel: 660-543-4222




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