Faculty Senate

UCM Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate serves as the representative body of the faculty under the provisions of the Faculty Senate Constitution and by-laws as approved by the Board of Governors.  The Senate may initiate deliberations on these issues provided for in the Constitution or respond to requests for its deliberation.  The resulting Senate motions are forwarded as recommendations to the Provost and President of the University for adoption by the Administration. 

Executive Committee


President:                      Stephen Price

Vice President:            Joseph Ely


Executive Committee College Representatives

College of Art, Humanities and Social Sciences:               Michael Bersin

College of Education:                                                                 Mark Lee

Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies:   Adam Horn

College of Health, Science and Technology;                        Jay Steinkruger

Library:                                                                                           Joshua Welker

Unaffiliated:                                                                                  Amber Scroggs

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