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University of Central Missouri Procedure

Procedure Name:  Attendance

Date Approved:  Approved by the President on January 1, 2005

Procedure Category:  Employment

Date Effective:  January 1, 2005

Policy AuthorityBoard of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Date Last Revised:  

Approval Authority:  University President

Review Cycle:

Responsible Member: Director of Human Resources



Dependable and prompt attendance is an essential function of every position at UCM. The university is unable to serve students and the community without its employees. The efficiency of the entire work group is impaired if every individual is not present when expected. Because of this, excessive absenteeism serves as grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Absenteeism becomes excessive when it impacts the employee's ability to accomplish work responsibilities.

Scheduled Absences

Planned absences, including medical appointments and scheduled surgeries, are to be requested and approved in advance by the supervisor. The Office of Human Resources is also to be notified if it is possible that the leave will qualify as FMLA leave.

Unscheduled Absences

Unplanned absences can be very detrimental to work place efficiency. In the case of sudden illness or other unexpected circumstances, an employee is to notify his/her supervisor immediately. If this is not possible, a family member may alert the supervisor as soon as possible to explain the situation and indicate the expected date and time of return. The supervisor will contact the Office of Human Resources for further information.


Promptness is expected to support the university operating hours. Tardiness is sometimes unavoidable due to inclement weather and other emergencies. The supervisor is to be notified in advance, whenever possible. Nonexempt employees who are late will have a pay reduction unless arrangements are made with the supervisor to make up lost time within the same work week. This is subject to supervisor approval.

Quitting Early and Leaving the Workplace

Employees, who must leave their workstation due to illness, family emergency, or any other reason, are to notify their supervisor prior to leaving work.

Nonexempt employees are to report absences in 15 minute increments.

Exempt employees report their vacation absences in one hour increments.  Sick and Personal Leave should be reported in increments of half or whole days.


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