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Email Regulations

University of Central Missouri Procedure

Procedure Name:  Email Regulations

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Procedure Category:  Technology

Date Effective:  

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Responsible Member:  Chief Information Officer



University of Central Missouri provides email services (sending, receiving, storing, and forwarding messages in a digital form using the university's network/telecommunications infrastructure) to faculty, staff, and students. The university considers communications sent to faculty, staff, and student email accounts to be official and hold exactly the same status and importance as paper documents. The university expects faculty, staff, and students to check their email accounts regularly for official communications.

Appropriate use

Users of electronic mail at UCM are responsible for using the services in an appropriate manner; a user's access may be denied for inappropriate conduct. Inappropriate use of electronic mail access includes, but is not limited to, for-profit communication, unlawful or malicious activities, downloading pornographic files, sending chain letters, and misrepresentation of oneself or the university. The university's electronic communications system may not be used for individual or group mailings of a solicitous/persuasive religious, commercial, or political nature.

Personal email messages and other electronic communications are not private or privileged, and are subject to interception and scrutiny without obtaining either the sender's or the receiver's permission. Personnel, criminal and/or disciplinary action may be taken against any member of the university community based on the contents of an intercepted electronic communication, should it be found to be in violation of law or university policy, including the university's sexual harassment policy.

Announcements Via Email Systems

Guidelines for announcements on the student email system have been established and published as “Student Email and the You-CM System”, located on the University Policy web site.

The following types of messages relating to university business and activities may be sent to all current users of the faculty/staff email system:

  • Public safety announcements of a critical and emergency nature and those that affect most of the campus, such as health and safety issues, a disruption in water service, a particular parking lot being closed, a street closing, etc.
  • Network/security/computing announcements of a critical nature such as virus alerts, computing system updates, notifications for change in service periods, etc.
  • Open discussion of critical/substantive issues appropriate to the university community, such as health insurance benefits, budget concerns, a name change for the university, etc.
  • The faculty/staff email system may also be used for announcements of universitysponsored events or events where campus-wide involvement is expected. Examples of these announcements include:
  • An invitation to the President’s State of the University address;
  • An explanation of benefits enrollment from Human Resources;
  • A reminder of business hours changing during the summer;
  • A reminder of a Performing Arts Series event;
  • Mandatory training sessions for all faculty/staff;
  • A reminder of time sheets that are due; and
  • An appearance by an internationally-renowned speaker.

The faculty/staff email system should not be used to send out personal advertisements or general announcements to the entire user community that do not meet the above criteria. If a user is unsure if his/her message meets the above criteria, he/she should consult the Vice President, Dean, University Director, Director, or Chair of his/her area before sending the message.

Alternate Communication Channels

All other communications not falling under the above guidelines may be posted through UCM Daily by clicking Submit News.


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