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Employee Promotion Procedure

University of Central Missouri Procedure

Procedure Name:  Employee Promotion Procedure

Date Approved:  Approved by the President on January 1, 2005

Procedure Category:  Compensation

Date Effective:  January 1, 2005

Policy Authority Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Date Last Revised:  December 18, 2018

Approval Authority:  University President

Review Cycle:

Responsible Member: Director of Human Resources



University of Central Missouri is committed to enhancing the professional development of current employees and fostering an environment of growth by providing a career path and promotional opportunities for qualified employees for advancement to a position with more responsibility and higher rate of pay. The objective of the promotion procedure is to increase morale, productivity, and employment satisfaction, and to decrease turnover by rewarding employees who possess the desire, commitment, and qualifications to advance within the organizational structure of the office/department and UCM.


University of Central Missouri, in keeping with its overall commitment to service and excellence, seeks to hire and/or promote the best qualified candidate for each employment opening. UCM recognizes and values diversity for the enrichment and depth it provides to the campus community. Therefore, the university is committed to hiring a diverse faculty and staff. In addition, UCM desires to enhance the professional growth and development of its employees and is committed to fostering promotional opportunities for employees whenever possible and consistent with the Nondiscrimination Statement and Affirmative Action Plan.

University of Central Missouri implemented a promotion procedure as a means of recognizing the competencies and rewarding the achievements of its employees. UCM strives to provide fair and equitable treatment, as with all employment decisions, and to award promotions based on nondiscriminatory factors and criteria. Since promotions are generally not an everyday administrative task, the procedure and forms to request a promotion can be obtained by contacting Human Resources at 543-4255.


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