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Inclement Weather Conditions

University of Central Missouri Procedure

Procedure Name:  Inclement Weather Procedure

Date Approved:  2024

Procedure Category:  Operations

Date Effective:  2024

Policy Authority:   Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Date Last Reviewed:  2024

Approval Authority:  University President

Review Cycle:  5 years

Responsibility:  Office of the President 




It is the general operating procedure of Central Missouri not to close because of inclement weather, temporary power failures, or similar "emergency" situations. However, the UCM President may implement an Emergency Closing that will close non-weather essential operations at the university. Employees are expected to be at their assigned stations during their regular periods of work with the exception of an Emergency Closing. Procedures for attendance during Emergency Closings are set out below and should be reviewed carefully by all employees.



An Emergency closing means there is an official closing or delay in the opening of the university for non-weather essential personnel. The announcement will include the shifts which are affected (day, evening, and/or night), within two hours of reporting time, or as soon as possible, on the following media:

  • KOKO and KXKX - Warrensburg
  • KDKD and KLRQ - Clinton
  • KDRO and KSIS - Sedalia
  • KSHB-TV41, KCTV-5, KMBC-TV9, and WDAF-TV4-Kansas City
  • The Kansas City Emergency School Communication System:  KOKO/KWKJ Warrensburg, KSIS Sedalia, KDKD Clintion, The Daily Star Journal, Sedalia Democrat

Revised May 2024 with minor formatting changes and an update to the media list. 


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