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Solicitation Guidelines

University of Central Missouri Procedure

Procedure Name:  Solicitation Guidelines

Date Approved:  Approved by the President on September 2, 2004.

Procedure Category:  Procurement

Date Effective:  

Policy Authority:  Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Date Last Revised:  

Approval Authority:  University President

Review Cycle:

Responsibility:  All Departments or Offices



Solicitation is defined as the sale of goods or services, taking orders or collecting money from other than members of a sponsoring organization, petitions, surveys, collecting ideas or opinions. 

I. General Requirements

Solicitation on the UCM campus must be conducted according to the following guidelines:

  1. Solicitation should have the primary objective of service to students rather than profit.

  2. Any form of solicitation should not interfere with the educational activities of the university.

  3. Solicitation of ideas, petitions and surveys should be in keeping with good taste, should not be disruptive and should follow all existing guidelines relating to human subjects.

  4. Sales of goods and products may be conducted on campus in designated locations if such is not in competition with products or services offered by the university.

  5. Campus groups will be given first priority for space usage or rental.

  6. All solicitation must comply with state and federal regulations.

  7. Solicitation of funds from any individual or group should not hinder or compete with the fund raising efforts of UCM or the UCM Alumni Foundation.

II. Registration and Approval

All solicitation with the exception of petitions must be registered in the Office of Campus Activities one week in advance of the designated activity. Specific approval for solicitation in various locations/areas on the campus must be obtained according to the information below:

  1. University Housing- Solicitation must be approved by University Housing (located in Ellis Hall). Solicitation will be restricted to designated public areas.

  2. University Union- Selling of items, merchandise or the solicitation, by registered campus organizations/business(es)/or individual(s) is prohibited except by authorization and sponsorship by the University Store or University Union. Authorization may include a 15% commission to be paid to the University Store or University Union, and any sales subject to sales tax is the responsibility of the seller. Bake sales are prohibited in the University Union unless they are held as a part of a University Union-wide activity. Reservations for these events are made with a completed event registration form through Meeting and Conference Services, Union 301, 660-543-4342.

  3. Multipurpose Building/ Audrey J. Walton Stadium & Vernon Kennedy Field- Approval for solicitation must be obtained from the athletic director (located in the Multipurpose Building). The sale of goods or products must not interfere with normal building activities and will generally be restricted to special activity days or events (such as games, meets, etc.). Soliciting groups must be registered campus organizations.

  4. Pertle Springs- Approval must be obtained from the athletic director (office located in the Multipurpose Building). Solicitation in outdoor areas will be permitted only during special activity days or events (such as Homecoming, music contests, etc.).

  5. West Fields and Outdoor Facilities/Areas- Approval must be obtained from the Meeting and Conference Services. Solicitation in outdoor areas will be permitted only during special activity days or events (such as Homecoming, music contests, etc.).

  6. Classroom Buildings- Generally, solicitation is discouraged in classroom buildings except where special days or events make the activity advisable. Information may be obtained in the Office of Facilities and Conference Services.

III. Credit Card Solicitation

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives, 91st General Assembly, urged the Coordinating Board of Higher Education to require each publicly funded institution of higher education to establish a written policy on credit card solicitation of college students and address the credit card debt problem experienced by some college students.

Credit card solicitation is prohibited within university facilities or on university grounds. These prohibited activities include but are not limited to:

  1. the occupancy of any space owned by the university to market credit cards or the application or issuance there of (unless contracted by the university to do otherwise)

  2. solicitation by means of campus mail, e-mail, pamphlets, handouts or any medium, to include inserts into shopping bags


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