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Arrival and Orientation


The information on this page is designed for those that have gained admission to the University of Central Missouri. We are excited to have you join us here on campus!

Explore the information below to learn more about what to expect after you have applied for your visa.  

Orientation (Online and On Campus)

Before you can enroll in courses here at UCM you must attend the required Orientation. This Orientation spans 2-5 days and will take you through numerous sessions; including items such as a Visa Presentation, Document Check, Health Screening and Immunizations. 

After you have gained admission, we send regular emails containing pertinent information about Orientation and traveling to UCM. These communications will contain the Orientation dates and important information so it is important you check your email account frequently.  One to two weeks prior to your assigned Orientation date, you will receive a personalized schedule of events. 

Booking your flight

The closest airport to Warrensburg is the Kansas City International Airport (MCI). When booking your flight, make sure that you are aware of your dates of Orientation and the Last Date of Arrival as outlined in the Orientation communications. You will need to be on campus by the Last Date of Arrival in order to attend UCM for the semester you were admitted.

Transportation & Lodging

Since the Kansas City International Airport is 80 miles from Warrensburg, you will need to make transportation arrangements. 

Graduate Students

Depending on when your flight arrives, you may need to arrange for overnight lodging as well as transportation to Warrensburg. In the Orientation communications we will provide you with a list of hotels and transportation services that are available to you. 

Undergraduate Students

We provide transportation from the airport to Warrensburg  and have selected three lodging options for you to pick from.  In the Orientation communications we will provide you with your lodging options and you will receive a form to fill out that will register you for airport pickup.


Once you arrive at UCM for Orientation, you will need to make sure you have housing arrangements.

Graduate Students

In the Orientation communications you will be provided with information on the temporary housing options that are available to you. 

Undergraduate Students

Make sure you have applied for campus housing. You will have the option for early check-in to campus housing and you will move in during Orientation. 


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