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Course Evaluation Guidance for Instructors

Viewing Reports Within Academic Analytics

  1. Go to Academic Analytics ( Login using your Google account. 
  2. Select the semester you want to view using the Change Semester button.
  3. Scroll down to the Course Evaluations section. This will show you dates for upcoming evaluations and summary data for in-progress and completed evaluations. 
  4. Under Results Available, click the course section you want to view. 
  5. To save a copy of your report, click the Print-Friendly View. Then in your browser select File >> Print and choose Save as PDF.

Instructor Dashboard

Course Evaluation Report

UCM Network H Drive

These instructions are for a Windows PC, but the process is almost identical on a Mac.

  1. Log in to your PC while connected to the UCM network.
  2. Open This PC. If it is not on your desktop, type it into the search box on the start menu.
  3. Find your mapped H: under Network Locations. Or, if it does not appear there, click the location bar and type \\ucmo.local\home\facstaff\username, e.g. \\ucmo.local\home\facstaff\momule. 
  4. You should see a Course Evaluations folder containing PDFs for all past course evaluations, organized by semester.

New course evaluation reports will be added to your H drive each semester.

For additional help with mapping drives or VPN connections when off campus, visit the Technology Support Center.

H Drive

H Drive Unmapped

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students notified about course evaluations?

Students receive email notifications the day a course evaluation opens. They receive reminder emails every few days throughout the evaluation period and a final reminder when evaluations are about to close.

How do students get to my course evaluation?

Students can click a link in the notification emails they receive to go to the course evaluation. Alternatively, they can use the Course Evaluation

link in your Blackboard course. This link should become active automatically the day the course evaluation opens.

What is pooling of course evaluations?

Pooling is grouping together an instructor's course evaluation responses from several sections of the same course. Your evaluations will not be pooled with another instructor's evaluations. Administrators such as chairs and deans can view the original unpooled responses.

Why are my evaluations pooled?

Evaluations are pooled when one of your course sections has fewer than two students. This protects student anonymity while still allowing you to receive feedback. A common scenario is with internships, which often have many small sections. Pooling also occurs between colisted course sections if one of the sections has fewer than two students.

For instance, if you are teaching a section of ABC 4000 with 10 students and another section of  ABC 4000 with one student, when you view a report for one of the sections, you will see both sections combined.

Why are my course evaluations hidden?

Responses are hidden when a course section has fewer than two students and cannot be pooled with another course section. Administrators such as chairs and deans can still view these responses.

How can I fix a link in Blackboard?

If you have noticed the course evaluation link is missing from one of your Blackboard courses, you can easily re-add it. If there is an existing link that is hidden, delete it. Then create a new Content Area called "Course Evaluation." Open the Build Content menu, scroll down the list, and select "UCM Course Evaluation." On the next screen, name it "Course Evaluation" and press Submit. That's all.

Even if the evaluation link is missing in Blackboard, students can still submit evaluations by using links they receive via email or by browsing directly to Academic Analytics (


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