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Volunteer Services

Be of Service

The University of Central Missouri is dedicated to fostering a culture of service. Through Volunteer Services, you can participate in volunteer opportunities, activities and events on campus, in the community—or even in another state. We sponsor numerous community volunteer service days. Over Spring Break, you can travel and volunteer in other places through Breakers, a student group at UCM. By giving back, you’ll gain leadership skills, feel a sense of accomplishment and cultivate a commitment to service that will be with you always. Need volunteers for your upcoming event? Call us at 660-543-4007. 

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The purpose of Volunteer Services is to provide services to the entire UCM campus community and surrounding communities that uphold the University’s motto, “Education for Service.” Volunteer Services is committed to service, preparing students to be lifelong learners who are proficient in their fields of study, able to adapt to a changing world and to contribute to the betterment of society.


Kristie Brinkley
Assistant Director, Student Activities Volunteer Student Services
Union 217
Tel: 660-543-4380



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