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Accounts Payable

Administration, Room 316
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4700
Fax: 660.543.8329


Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Who do I contact regarding invoices, payments, credits, travel expenses and car rentals?

Please see our Accounts Payable staff page for a detailed listing of staff and who may best serve your needs.

2.    What is a Travel Reimbursement Form and what information do I need to retain when traveling?

Travel Reimbursement Forms are completed for all university related travel. Travel reimbursement forms are required before reimbursement for travel expenses can be processed. Original receipts must be submitted for: lodging, airfare, parking and taxi fares.  Please review the Travel Guidelines before traveling to insure that you will be compensated accordingly.   

3.    What is the current mileage rate?

The current rate is 54 cents per mile starting from the closest location.


4.  What is the standard mileage for travel from UCM to Central Summit Center and KCI Airport?

        The mileage from UCM to Central Summit Center is 42 miles.

        The mileage from UCM to KCI Airport is 90 miles.


5.    How do I know what budget code to use?   

See a current list of budget codes and their description.

6.    How do I rent a car and what is the payment process?

To rent a vehicle prior to travel to any location in the United States, contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 660-429-3222 or visit them at their physical location on Business Hwy 50 West in Warrensburg. Enterprise will direct bill the University when you provide them with the UCM account number, your name and department name. If you don't have the account number and/or pin number (needed when renting a vehicle online), contact the Accounts Payable office at 660-543-4700. After returning the rental car, keep the pink and yellow receipts (rental agreement) given to you by Enterprise. Write the budget number to be charged on the pink copy and send it to Accounts Payable. Keep the yellow copy for your records.  If direct billing is not an option, a UCM travel card, personal debit card or cash may be used for payment. In this case, attach the receipt to your travel voucher when submitting it for reimbursement. For a current list of rental rates or to request an online reservation, see Enterprise Rates.

7.    How do I submit payment for individuals?

Any individual that the university hires for services only; such as athletic officials, consultants or performers must fill out a W-9 form. This form must be on file before payment to the individual can be made. You may attach the W-9 form to the invoice and payment request. Payment cannot be processed without this information.