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Missouri Innovation Campus
UCM Lee's Summit has programs built for your busy life in the Kansas City metro
UCM Lee's Summit offers in-demand degrees in the Kansas City area
UCM Lee's Summit offers a master's degree in Occupational Safety Management

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Workforce Board Partnerships in Training


- Full Employment Council (FEC) of Kansas City:

  • FEC is the Administrative Entity/Fiscal Agent for the Kansas City & Vicinity Workforce Development Board and the Easter Jackson County Workforce Development Board. FEC provides Adult and Young Adult Career Services and Skill Development with an opportunity for financial assistance.

    • Adult Job Seekers receive training, skills, conseling, and job placement
    • Young Adult Programs provide education, career training, supportive services, and employment

Students in these programs will participate in a holistic learning program that strengthens their ability to apply the related knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform at a high level in life and on-the-job. In addition to Industry and Technical Competencies, the curriculum effectively addresses the Personal Effectiveness, Academic and Workplace Competencies (Tiers 1-3) or the DOL-ETA Competency Model Pyramid. Students will produce a "Success Blueprint" that includes a mission statement, S.M.A.R.T. goals, and a life-long personal improvement plan.

UCM's Career Training will help you…

  • Start a career in a new field
  • Transfer current experience into a new field
  • Obtain current industry skills
  • Move to a higher level within an industry/sector
  • Become more competitive in the job market

The University of Central Missouri uses a competency-based approach to workforce development, focusing on training that leads to jobs. We conduct our own research, talking with employers and mapping the region’s competency-based workforce and economic needs to our program offerings and customizing as necessary.

The catalog provides a wide variety of development and training opportunities for adults and young adults looking for a change in their career path.

UCM's partnership with the Kansas City Full Employment Council has prepared many students, Adult and Young Adult, for the workforce.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you taught me. I just finished a preliminary interview with a comapny that not only does programing but also does job placeement. And I remembered to send the thank you message." - D. Joshua Loughney

" I was in the residual energy course during the summer of 2013 just wanted to let you know it was very helpful to me expecially the customer service component and the resume component of both of which an have helped to get me get pretty discent jobs and jobs that I enjoy. Just wanted to let you know good course and I appreciated your help" - Regina Kennedy

"Thank you for all you've done with the program - I'm truly grateful for the amazing opportunity it provided. My team KU Med has been a fantastic fit, and the possibilities for growth are nearly endless...If you need a poster child for UCM Workforce Central or any of its programs, please don't hesitate to ask. Should anyone question the value of it, feel free to hold me up as an example - after the $12/hour intership, I returned to a $30/hour contractor position with the same group...Things look good, and I owe it all to the opportunity you, Angie, and Lynette worked to provide." - Steve Singleton




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