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UCM Human Subjects Project Status Form

This project status form must be completed for all human subjects research projects approved as Expedited or Full Review. The form is due prior to the project's expiration date as stated in the approval letter, usually one year from the date of approval.

This is not a renewal form. If you do not check "yes" for "Are you terminating your study?", you will need to submit a request for renewal using the Expedited or Full Review form at

Project Title*
Principal Investigator Name:*
Date of Last Approval for this Project (mm/dd/yyyy):*
Number of Research Subjects:*
Were there any adverse events during the study?* Yes    No   
If there were any adverse events, please describe in detail.
Has any information been acquired that has changed your assessment of the risks to the research subjects?* Yes    No   
If any information has been acquired that has changed your assessment of the risks, please describe in detail.
Has any research been published during the previous approval period that indicates the risks to the subjects have changed?* Yes    No   
If any research has been published indicating that the risks have changed, please provide a summary with reference citations.
Are you terminating your study? (Have you finished collecting data from human subjects?)* Yes    No   

If you did not check "Yes" to indicate that you are terminating your study, you must submit a request for renewal. To do so, complete the appropriate review form (Expedited or Full Review) and submit it to Ward Edwards 1800 along with copies of any materials you will be using (e.g., surveys, consent forms, advertisements).

The Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting this form. When the Principal Investigator is a student, the Faculty Advisor may also submit the form.

Name of person submitting this form:*
Current email address of person submitting this form:*
Current phone number of person submitting this form:*

Thank you for completing the Project Status form. Please review your responses and click on the Submit button.