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UCM Jazz Festival Application

SCHOOL INFORMATION Application Deadline: January 16, 2015

School Name*
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School Classification* 1A    2A    3A    4A    5A    Middle School/Jr. High   
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PARTICIPANT INFORMATION *Please note that you must answer all of the questions below before submitting the form, even if the answer is "no".

High School Band* Yes    No   
Band 1 Name:
High School Band 2 Yes    No   
Band 2 Name
Middle School/Jr. High* Yes    No   
Midd Sch./Jr. High Band name
High School Combo* Yes    No   
Combo name

FEES and GENERAL INFORMATION *Note: The UCM Jazz Festival will be RATINGS ONLY FEES: $150 for jazz bands; $110 for combos.

Total Fees*
Purchase Order/Check #
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